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Our code reviewers tend to be more experienced than the average developer; most have at least ten years experience and have seen multiple architectural approaches. Our staff have taught classes, published articles, contributed to well known products and founded companies.

The last ten years have seen a major shift in how software is developed. Instead of stand-alone projects, software continues to become more interconnected. This complexity challenges architects and developers. At the same time, software environments and frameworks now provide unprecedented functionality, allowing projects that leverage that functionality to deliver amazing software quickly.

Managing Reviewer:

Ted Graham is a developer and software consultant based in Denver, Colorado. Ted started using code reviews in 1997, while working on a large vertical market application in Germany. Since then, Ted has consulted to clients ranging from Microsoft to startups, and has used code reviews successfully on every project. Ted is a C# and .NET expert, and an active developer. His most recent project is a commercial application for trading futures and options; an early version is already in use by thousands of customers worldwide. Ted writes extensively on the internet and has published in IEEE Software magazine.


Amit-Malhotra-PictureAmit Malhotra has been using code reviews since 1995, when he was part of a geographically distributed team working on aircraft maintenance software. Since then, Amit has used code reviews to deliver numerous successful software systems. Amit is well versed in a variety of development environments and technologies, including .NET and J2EE. Based in Denver, Amit travels extensively for his clients. His most recent project is a large telecom billing and integration application that uses Spring and iBATIS.  On that project, Amit's code reviews have focused on architectural and performance issues.  Amit blogs about software at www.gotoerror.com.

Code Review Bob Whiton PictureBob Whiton is a .NET developer and architect based in Louisville, Colorado and a founding creator of LinkedCells, the easiest way to share Excel data.  Bob is a Microsoft certified expert in C# and .NET and has extensive experience developing .NET add-ins for Microsoft Office products.  In recent years, Bob has developed applications that focus on Monte-Carlo and Discrete Event simulation.  In addition to promoting code reviews within his organizations, he is a strong advocate of unit testing (both nUnit and Microsoft's Team System Unit Testing) and performance profiling.  Bob also has experience in Six Sigma, Web Services, SQL, DICOM and COM.

Franz_KettwigFranz Kettwig is a software architect and developer with deep experience in complex software problems. Franz has worked on a number of challenging software projects, including: 3D medical imaging software for assisting surgeons with brain surgery (tumor resections and aneurysms) and spinal screw placements, tuning government image processing algorithms, and a flexible processing engine for doing studies on financial time-series data. Franz's experience on unusually complex problems makes him ideally suited to review sensitive or critical software functionality. Franz has extensive experience in C#, C++ and Java. 

Matthew_McCullough_picMatthew McCullough is a Java application architect and founder of www.AmbientIdeas.com.  He is a outspoken advocate for the use of Agile Methodologies and Open Source libraries in Enterprise Applications.  Matthew serves on the board of directors for the Denver JBoss Users Group and frequently speaks at this and other Java User Groups.  He also contributed to the authoring of the Sun Java 5 SCJP Certification Exam.  Matthew's experience includes successful in-production J2EE, SOA, and Web Services systems, including a real-time cash payment gateway that processes over 1 million daily transactions from well known firms such as Western Union, GreenDot, MoneyGram, and PreCash.  Additionally, several of Mr. McCullough's J2EE Resort Management applications are currently supporting celebrity destinations across Belize, Panama, and Mexico.  Matthew feels that code reviews have been a major factor in the quality of the products that have been released under his purview and has used code reviews on every one of his development projects since 2001.

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